What Is Your Body Trying to Tell You? Symptoms That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Symptoms Not To IgnoreThe human body, which is comprised of an intricate system of highly interrelated parts, is a truly amazing machine. Most of the time, if something is amiss, it doesn’t simply shut down. Instead, it usually sends one or more warning signs. By becoming familiar with your body and what is normal for you, you can help ensure that you will be aware of and recognize its subtle signals. That way, you can take prompt action to identify the underlying cause and address it before a serious problem develops or progresses.

Some common body messages, and what they might mean, include:

  • Dry lips – Because the delicate skin of the lips is highly sensitive to dehydration, the lips can be a good indicator of the general hydration level of the entire body. If you find yourself constantly using lip balm to soothe chapped lips, you probably need to drink more water to ensure that your body is able to carry out its normal functions, especially if you are also experiencing headaches, infrequent urination, dark-colored urine, or dry skin.
  • Continual fatigue – Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee when you start to feel tired, you may actually need to reduce your intake of caffeine – particularly if you have jitters, agitation, or insomnia. This might sound somewhat counterintuitive, but caffeine works by stimulating the release of hormones to make the body go faster. As a result, an already-low energy bank will get depleted even quicker than it normally would, creating a vicious circle. In order to ensure that your body is able to generate enough of its own energy on an ongoing basis, you may need to lay off the caffeine and instead focus on getting plenty of rest and proper nutrition.
  • Extreme thirst – If you are always thirsty and have a constant need to urinate, your blood sugar may be too high (hyperglycemia). Over time, hyperglycemia can lead to kidney damage and other serious complications, so it’s important to recognize and address the condition as early as possible – especially since it can often be managed through lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.
  • Vague pains – Pain is a signal that your body needs attention. If you’re hurting – regardless of whether the reason is readily apparent – it’s very important to get a proper diagnosis. For instance, conditions like fibromyalgia can produce heightened sensitivity that results in mysterious aches and pains that occur in various areas throughout the body. Once accurately identified, the condition can be treated.

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