Your Summer Travel Checklist from South Tampa Immediate Care

summer-travelSummer is the time for vacations, but nothing can derail a great getaway like an injury or illness. While these things are hard to foresee, there are a variety of ways that you can prepare for mild health issues that may arise. From packing smartly to making sure that all of your contact numbers are in order, below are a few tips from South Tampa Immediate Care on how to make your vacation healthy and safe:

  • First-aid kit – Bringing a small first-aid kit on any vacation is a must. Make sure the kit contains bandages, aspirin, alcohol wipes, bottled water, sunscreen, and antibiotic ointment.
  • Clothing – Always pack clothing with the assumption that there could be temperature fluctuations, so even if you’re headed to the beach, toss a long-sleeved shirt and light jacket in your suitcase. Comfortable shoes and hats are also ideal if you’re doing a lot of sightseeing outdoors.
  • Medications – Be sure to get any prescriptions that you or your family need prior to going on vacation. Have all of your pharmacy’s contact information on hand should you lose the medication, and be sure that you have the address and phone number of a pharmacy close to where you’ll be staying while on vacation.
  • Insurance – Keep your insurance card with you at all times and look over your coverage information for details about how to get in-network medical care and document claims when traveling.
  • Contact information – Compile a list of emergency contacts and their phone numbers to keep with you while on vacation. Likewise, make sure your emergency contacts have the address and phone number of your travel accommodations.

In the event that you’re traveling outside the U.S. this summer, please review South Tampa Immediate Care’s article on getting health treatment abroad. You can also browse our full list of online articles for health tips on everything from treating heat stroke to telling the difference between a cold and the flu.