Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress – Tips from the Doctors at South Tampa Immediate Care

stress-articleStress is in all of our lives, and to a certain degree it is unavoidable. Between managing work schedules, family time, and the various other activities that fill our lives, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Stress and anxiety can also have physical manifestations, such as insomnia, headaches, or chronic health issues like frequent colds or indigestion. If you feel that your life is becoming overly stressful and you or those close to you are feeling the effects, the doctors at South Tampa Immediate Care are here to offer some tips for reducing stress in healthy ways.


  • Clearing clutter – De-cluttering and organizing spaces can have a calming effect on your mind. Without a mess of papers, to-do lists, bills, toys, and other items, you’ll be more likely to focus on a single task at a time.
  • Relaxing – Take some time out for yourself each day to make a conscious effort to relax. Perform some deep breathing exercises, read a chapter of a book, or simply sit down with a cup of tea.
  • Exercising – Staying active can increase your endorphins, helping  you to feel more positive and less anxious.
  • Eliminating noise – Try to remove both literal and figurative noise from your life. Choose an hour or two during which you don’t use your cell phone, laptop, email, iPod, or other devices that may cause you to feel unfocused.
  • Thinking ahead – Be aware of external situations that typically cause you stress and devise some coping mechanisms to help you manage this anxiety.

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