Pedestrian Safety Tips from the Doctors at South Tampa Immediate Care

pedestrian-safety-tipsThe responsibility for safety is shared among all users of the road, and motorists and pedestrians need to be cognizant of each other. Of course, under the law, motorists have a heightened responsibility when operating a motor vehicle on a public street, but pedestrians are clearly in the more vulnerable position. If you’re out walking, good for you! That’s a great step in protecting your health and being kind to the environment. To help you do so safely, the doctors at South Tampa Immediate Care offer the following information and tips:

  • Cross streets only at intersections, using pedestrian push-buttons, crosswalks, and traffic signals where available. Be vigilant for drivers who may fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians when making turns.
  • Before crossing, look left, right, and left again, and continue watching for cars as you cross.
  • Don’t assume that drivers see you; make eye contact with them to be sure that they do.
  • If you are walking with a child, provide assistance and be aware that he or she may be out of the drivers’ sightline.
  • Wear brightly colored, reflective clothing and, if you’re out after dark, carry a flashlight.
  • Be predictable and, when possible, always stay on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the edge of the street, as far away from the traffic lane as possible, on the side facing the traffic.
  • Exercise caution when walking around parked cars, driveways, and hedges.
  • Walk defensively, be aware of your surroundings, and always expect the unexpected.
  • Be alert to engine noises and reverse lights.
  • Be aware that drugs and alcohol can impair your ability to both drive – and walk – safely.
  • Avoid wearing headphones, talking on a phone, and texting while walking.

Unfortunately, an accident can happen when a driver or pedestrian is distracted or careless. While you can’t control the habits of the drivers out there, you can take steps like those listed above to substantially increase your safety while you are out walking along the road.

For additional family health and safety tips, please browse our online series of health articles. If you have questions or would like to see a physician, contact or visit the South Tampa Immediate Care walk-in clinic.