Healthy Halloween Treats

Healthy Halloween TreatsHalloween can present challenges for health-minded families who want to provide their trick-or-treaters with snacks that are not only delightful, but also are nutritious. Complicating matters even more are the requirements that the goodies be lightweight, portable, and factory-sealed for safety.

Here are a few suggestions for fun treats that should both satisfy the taste buds and promote the health of little ghosts and goblins everywhere:

  • Single-serve bags of pumpkin seeds – Rich in magnesium, which promotes heart, bone, muscle, and nerve function, and zinc, which nourishes the brain, these superstars are also directly related to everyone’s Halloween favorite – the Jack-O’-Lantern himself.
  • Organic granola bars – A perfect pick-me-up for someone on the go – such as a treat-or-treater – low-sugar granola is also a great source of fiber, iron, protein, and folic acid.
  • Carrot snack packs – This crunchy, satisfying, low-calorie snack is replete with vitamin A, which supports the body’s mucous membranes to help trap pathogens and thus prevent viruses and diseases.
  • Pre-packaged popcorn balls – An old-fashioned, low-sodium popcorn ball will provide a healthy portion of fiber without the excess sugar or fat of a typical Halloween offering.
  • Trail mix – A protein-rich option that is available in a wide variety flavors – raisins, sunflower seeds, cashews, chocolate chips – there is surely at least one choice that will please everyone.
  • Single-serve whole-wheat pretzels – A new twist on a perennial favorite, even a tiny bag provides manganese, niacin, and thiamin, along with a good dose of protein.
  • Cheese- or peanut butter-filled sandwich crackers – With whole-grain and multi-grain options available, the convenient snacks can offer good things like thiamin, vitamin K, amino acids, and omega-3 acids.
  • Toothbrushes – Child-sized versions come in a wide variety of festive options, from Halloween themes to Disney characters, which can encourage fun while promoting good oral health.

For further information on Halloween safety, please feel free to contact or visit the South Tampa Immediate Care walk-in clinic.