Getting a Flu Shot in Tampa Has Never Been Faster or More Convenient

doctors_south_tampaGetting a flu shot is an important part of protecting yourself against the fever, cough, sore throat, aches, and runny nose that accompany the influenza virus. Be proactive now by getting the flu shot so that you and your family won’t miss any school or work this year because of the flu. Not sure where to get a flu shot? South Tampa Immediate Care offers affordable flu shots all year round, and you never need an appointment to be seen by one of our qualified doctors.

If you’ve never received a flu shot before, the staff at our express walk-in clinic can tell you more about the shot and why it’s so important that you and your entire family get vaccinated on an annual basis.

  • What is in a flu shot? The flu shot is a vaccine that contains small amounts of the dead virus. The virus is inactive, so you don’t get sick from it, but your body still reacts to the virus by developing antibodies that will protect you against infections in the future.
  • How is a flu shot administered? The flu vaccine is an intramuscular injection. This means that a needle injects the inactive virus into a muscular area of the body, usually the upper arm.
  • Do I have to get the flu shot more than once? You should get a flu shot once every year because the virus is constantly mutating, which means the vaccine also changes to continue combating the illness. Your body’s ability to fight the virus also declines over time, so an annual shot is necessary to keep your resistance strong.

In addition to getting the flu shot, you should take other precautions against contracting and spreading the flu. Be sure to wash your hands often, don’t touch your mouth, eyes, or nose, and try to keep your immune system strong by eating well, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. Contact South Tampa Immediate Care for more information about the flu shot, flu treatment, or any of the other services offered by our walk-in clinic.