Eliminate Toxins Around Your Home by Using Homemade Cleaning Products

Eliminate Toxins at HomeMany common cleaning products rely on hazardous toxins to get the job done. For instance, chemicals like chlorine bleach and ammonia are readily found in commercially available bathroom cleaners, laundry detergents, window sprays, floor care products, oven cleaners, furniture polishes, and drain cleaners. Even though product manufacturers are not required to list ingredients, you can sometimes find helpful information on the product labels. Specifically, products that are labeled “poison” or “danger” are usually the most hazardous, and the words “warning” and “caution” are often used to describe mild to moderate hazards, such as flammability and harmful vapors.

If you’re interested in using household cleaning products that are safer for your family, you might be surprised to learn that in some cases you can easily make your own environmentally friendly alternatives. Simple and effective cleaners can be inexpensively created with items that you probably already have around the house, such as white vinegar and baking soda, or that are available at a local store, such as borax (also known as sodium borate, a naturally occurring substance produced by the evaporation of lakes).

Here are some recipes for “green” cleaners:

  • All-purpose spray cleaner – Add three tablespoons of white vinegar, one teaspoon of borax, and two cups of hot water to a large spray bottle. Shake vigorously until the borax is fully dissolved, then add one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and shake again. To clean surfaces, spray on and then wipe clean with a damp sponge or cloth.
  • Bathroom cleaners – Sprinkle baking soda on a surface, rub with a wet sponge or cloth, then rinse. To remove hard-water mineral deposits, soak a cloth in white vinegar, cover the deposit with the cloth for about an hour, then wipe the area clean. To remove soap scum deposits, spread dishwashing liquid over the deposit, let it sit for about an hour, then clean away the softened deposits with a soft brush. To remove mold or mildew, mix borax and water to make a paste, spread the paste over the surface, let it set for about an hour, then remove it with a soft brush.
  • Toilet bowl cleaner – Add white vinegar to a squeeze bottle, then squirt the vinegar under the rim of the bowl. Pour one-half cup of borax into the toilet and clean the bowl with a toilet brush.
  • Glass cleaner – Pour two tablespoons of white vinegar and two cups of water into a large spray bottle. Add two drops of dishwashing liquid, then shake vigorously to mix. Spray on glass and wipe with lint-free cloth.
  • Oven cleaner – Check to make sure the oven is off. Prepare a paste of baking soda and water and spread the paste on the sides and bottom of the oven. Allow to set overnight. Scoop out the loose baking soda and then wipe the oven clean with a damp cloth. Use a scouring pad for tough spots.

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