Bronchitis Treatment for Patients in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Brandon, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

bronchitis-treatment-bigstock-man-coughBronchitis treatment is available seven days a week to patients in the Greater Tampa Bay area at South Tampa Immediate Care.  Bronchitis is prevalent during cold and flu season and often develops after an upper respiratory infection, such as the common cold.  If you experience painful coughing accompanied by wheezing, fever, chills, muscle aches, sore throat, nasal congestion, or fatigue, you may have bronchitis. 

In some cases, acute bronchitis will resolve on its own, but because severe complications can sometimes develop, it is important to see a qualified, experienced physician for evaluation and bronchitis treatment, and also to rule out more serious conditions, such as pneumonia.  For bronchitis treatment and other non-urgent medical needs, the Board-certified and Board-eligible doctors at South Tampa Immediate Care are available to see you at your convenience, and you never need an appointment.

In providing bronchitis treatment, the attentive medical staff at South Tampa Immediate Care may:

  • Order and perform a chest X-ray on-site to rule out the possibility of other, more serious conditions

  • Take a sputum culture to test for the presence of bacteria

  • Perform a pulmonary function test to check for signs of asthma or emphysema

  • Prescribe appropriate medications to help suppress coughing and wheezing, reduce fever, and ease muscle aches

  • Monitor your symptoms to ensure you are responding to treatment

Contact or visit South Tampa Immediate Care right away if you experience any of the symptoms of bronchitis.  In addition to providing bronchitis treatment, the doctors at our walk-in clinic offer patients in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding area with the highest quality of complementary healthcare services, so if our doctors determine that you have a cold virus instead of bronchitis, we will effectively treat your cough, fever, sore throat, and other symptoms.  Whatever the cause of your illness, we will help you to recover and return to your regular activities as soon as possible.   At South Tampa Immediate Care, your health is our number one priority.